Did you know that God can speak to us through people? I’ve had God confirm things that I’ve been praying for by having a few people share the same word to me (people that don’t even know each other). Acquaintances, friends, and family all sharing the same message. Lately, I’ve received a couple of words. The first one was that whatever I was going through, I just needed to keep pressing forward. I needed to get unstuck. I know this can seem like a vague word, but I know exactly what God was trying to speak to me. I am so close to my breakthrough now I can taste it. The enemy has tried to throw a bunch of junk at me in a desperate final attempt to cause me to deviate from the plan of God for my life. It won’t work!

One friend even said that they could see me getting free from tentacles cutting them off one by one until they are all dead and gone. I needed to share this with you. Friend, you’re going through some stuff right now that only God can handle. Trust Him and apprehend this truth. With God all things are possible. Anything less and you’re in distress. Don’t look around to the left or to the right. Look within the upward call while enduring the fight. Any area of your life that was once contested, will be the tipping point that others can rest in. This means that what you overcome, will enable you to help people find their freedom. This is only a fraction of what we have in Christ. Here’s a poem I wrote. I hope it speaks to you.

The Great Commission:

Dispose of the lies

Grace imparted

No more disguise

Emptiness departed

Entrench the conviction

Stormy night rain

Worthy condition

Never again

Defilement is gone

No longer abhorred

Stirring my song

No longer ignored

Schemes of darkness

Brought to nothing

Bloody hands

Always accosting

Accusations resurface

Against the believer

Condemning lying tongues

No longer can they be here

In Christ I am holy

In right standing

In Him solely

I find understanding

Mountains will move

When I speak His name

Nothing will ever be the same

Climbing to the mountaintop

This is my life’s mission

Looking out in the distance

Seeing my enemy’s submission

Journeying to the next region

Claiming my stake

Battle-tested sojourner

Territories I will take

With every step, I stand on

Jesus’ name

With every step I take

People won’t be the same

For edifying people is my life’s mission

For I answered the call

His great commission

I will bring good news

I will set the captives free

I will tell people about Jesus from Galilee

Where He took up residence

He’s held up inside

In their hearts is where He’ll reside

No longer something distant

Afar off to attain

We will yield to Him again and again

Imparting a blessing

To our brothers and sisters

Sending them out

In secret sequestered

Hiding in the secret place

Yet in plain sight

Taking their own mountains

Through the power of His might

Unafraid and unashamed

This is our posture

Never heeding the voice of an impostor

Come now brethren

Set your gaze from the heights

In high places it’s in plain sight

Hearken, take heed

To the upward call

For the known and lost

Beseeching them all

For they are truly priceless

They are not Christless in crisis

Love, God

Love people

Love you