Sometimes, I struggle to pray, but prayer doesn’t have to be difficult

I debated whether or not to write this post. With a name like Tackling Life, I shouldn’t shy away from the tough things that are going on in my life. Especially concerning my faith walk. I am seeking the Lord on a regular basis. I’m not the best at being aware of His presence throughout my day, though. I really struggle with this. I can easily go about my day forgetting to pray. I’ll take it one step further, I am not the best at praying out loud in English, so I often resort to speaking in tongues. I don’t feel like I’m good enough at prayer. I don’t want to get into doubt and negativity while talking to my Heavenly Father. These are just a few of the ridiculous thoughts in my head.

Hands folded in prayer on a Bible

Prayer is Talking to God

I recognize that I’m being unfair and unreasonable with myself. I’m gonna talk to God more. I will let my guard down and be myself. The truth is that He loves me just as I am! The same is true for you! Our Heavenly Father wants it all, the good and the bad.  My head knows that this is right, but my heart needs to catch up. I used to make the excuse that I would run out of stuff to talk about. To be honest, that’s a lame excuse. The next time it gets quiet I plan on listening. God speaks in the silence. I’m done putting pressure on myself to perform. It’s too hard to live like that.

Even while struggling with the issue of prayer, God has been so kind to me. My past has been hard to deal with and He has been so gentle and loving through it all. I’m going to visit with my Father again. I challenge you to do the same if you share the same struggle. We’ve heard it so many times before. It’s time for the truth to go from our head to our hearts in regards to prayer. He longs to connect with us, so let’s be done with the excuses. Breathe and take in the silence. This gentleman will guide us in the bond of prayer. God, make a way for us!

My Favorite Guided Prayer Books

I love to use prayer books to help me get going in prayer. I have three books that I mainly use and they really do help. The first is Prayers That Avail Much by Germaine Copeland. This book has so many great prayers in it and I pray from it often. When I can’t think of what to pray I reach for this book. The next book is Patricia King’s Decree book third edition. This book of decrees has many scriptures and truths from God’s word that you can stand on in prayer. Last but not least is The Word Works by Rev. Shirley Greenslade. This book can be used in prayer and spiritual warfare. I find it to be really helpful when I’m under an attack from the enemy.

Use books like these to help equip you to receive the breakthrough you need in any trials you face. Ultimately, we must depend on Holy Spirit to help us pray. I pray that you draw closer to God and that you are thoroughly equipped by the Holy Spirit, that He sees you through whatever trial you may be facing. I pray that you are drawn into a deeper intimacy with God, that our hearts burn with the fire of God. Let’s enjoy the life we were meant to live with the Father, in Jesus’ name!

Love, God

Love people

Love you