Where should I begin? As I write this all I can hope is that my words through pain can meet you where you are and encourage you. As I write this I’m in tears from the deafening pain. The pain of a seemingly silent God. Is it that He’s silent? Or is it that I cannot hear? Deafening pain. An insurmountable state, lying signs and wonders stacking up against me over the past seven and a half years. At times the pain has been unbearable, and at times I realize that there are people out there going through circumstances much worse than myself.

Why is it so? Why do we suffer? I’m not sure I have the answer to that, but I believe I have an answer that works for me. I believe that I can transform amid the current trials that I face. I believe these trials have changed my character. I believe there is something in my DNA that is different than before. Beyond empathy. My heart aches to reach people and encourage them, and redirect them. To help them take their eyes off of their circumstances and realize that it’s going to be okay. Even if everything in the natural rages against that notion. To remind them that no trial lasts forever. There is an expiration date to these sort of things. Rejoice, because you are worthy to make it through such difficulties. You will only get stronger.

Even if you feel that you are at your weakest. This is when God says you are strong. By now my tears have dried up, and the pain has subsided. Not because the pain is gone, but because of something greater. God is speaking. It’s hard to hear him in the midst of pain, but He’s always there. If you could just attempt to rise above your circumstances and meet pain with love. In that bond is silence. The bond of a good friend. Silence. A friend of God. Like a good friend who encourages, but knows just when to listen too. Silence. My friend, I hope that these words have found you in a better place than when they first met you.

Love, God

Love people

Love you